Complesso logistico-produttivo a pochi minuti dal centro di Smolensk

For Sale or Rent
Industrial plant located within easy driving distance from the centre of Smolensk.

Smolensk: administrative centre of Smolensk oblast', located to the South-West from Moscow
population: approx.327.000 (2010)
road distance to Moscow: 400 km (along E30/M1)
road distance to the Belarusian border: 115 km (along M1)

  • Location of the property: at a 10-minute drive from Smolensk's city centre
  • address: Krasninskoe shosse 19
  • area of the plot (owned): 15.344 sqm (cadastral n.: 67:27:0020802:29)
  • overall area of the buildings: 9.767 sqm
  • permitted use of the plot: for industrial purposes
  • destination of use of the buildings: production (including food), warehouse, industrial
  • formerly the complex was used as a plant for food-production and processing (macaroni products)
  • technical features:
    - water supply: 11.501,83 mq per year (958,49 per month)
    - gas capacity: 680.000 t.m3 per year (56.660 per month)
    - power capacity: 1.100.000 kW h per year (100.000 kWh per month)
  • the property is offered:
    - for lease: 685.000 RUB/month, including VAT (18%)
    - for sale: 70.800.000 RUB, including VAT (18%)


For further info and for scheduling a viewing please contact:

Property information

  • Details
  • Built Area : 9767
  • Land plot area : 15344
  • Property type : stabilimento produttivo
  • Deal Type : affitto o vendita
  • Price : su richiesta
  • Destinations of use : logistica, produzione
  • Overall condition : da rimodernare
  • Ceiling height : variabile
  • Lease terms : da concordare
  I have read and agree to the term and condition
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